In today's bureaucratic time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to understand laws, based on which the building permit can be obtained. To make it even more difficult and to maintain complexity, laws are being constantly amended, and an ordinary person can no longer cope with them. Part of our work is to know these laws and get the “dirty work” done for you. We will guide you through the process of obtaining the building permit comfortably and without any hassle and without wasting your precious time, from the very moment of issuing the zoning decision to the final inspection of the building.

In the context of engineering activities we offer following services:

  • Preparatory works on the project

    • Verifying the existence of networks
    • Processing the STI connection
    • Negotiations with public authorities
    • Measuring the amount of radon
    • Energy Performance Certificate
    • Hydrogeological survey
  • Land use proceedings

  • Processing of building permit

  • Vendor selection proceduresVýběrová řízení dodavatele

    • We will organise the tender proceedings including multi-stage price and discount negotiations
    • We will assess the bids in terms of real prices and exclude unprofessional companies
    • We will prepare documentation for Contract for work - pledge, tender documentation, bill of quantities, terms of construction

We provide architectural and construction site supervision, as well as compliance with Health and Safety at Work regulations, please contact us